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Let’s put the characters in casual clothing!
Kらくがき 2 by 杉谷

By Euny-sshi.

For the lack of Totsuka Tatara in that military poster.


Art done by ゴルバチョフ@春コミれ39ab  (尊多アン親子可愛い)

Translation done by talalanlalan

Cleaning and Typesetting and general Editing by SnowRah ( me)

If either artist or translator want me to take this down, please contact me, I will immediately do it.

I just can’t help my fangirling …. I loved this little ‘doujin’ and find it cute.

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ARTIST: 梶 裕貴
TRACK: Kaji Yuuki
Circle of Friends (Full Ver.) - Totsuka Tatara (CV: 梶 裕貴)